Dental & General Practices (GPs)

With practices all over the country affected heavily by imposed government legislation and bureaucracy, comes the importance of having the guidance and assistance of a potent, well organised accountancy firm. Our services for dentists and general practitioners are based upon the very detailed understanding of the needs and changes that occur within the medical industry.

The ethics and practices we follow are based upon the long-term experience in working with the dental industry. Balancing the professional life and personal life has always been a hustle for dentists. Handling core service, managing the finance and the company responsibilities is a hard job. At Bilberry Accountants we take care of the finance and accounting, leaving you to focus on your profession.

If you think of any of the options below, then you have a good reason to contact us:

  • I want to make my practice more profitable and pay less tax
  • I want to make more money without working more hours
  • I want to expand and recruit more associates
  • I want to evaluate how much my practice is worth at present and in the future
  • I want to compare my business to my competitors
  • I want to compare my key profit indicators in line with the rest
  • I need to sell my practice and need guidance
  • I am thinking to start a practice in the UK

Our typical service includes:

  • Preparing your annual partnership accounts
  • Identifying how much money you are making before and after expenses
  • Allowing you to deduct allowable business expenses
  • Providing all the necessary support for you to submit your self-assessment tax-return